Your business has been built on a solid foundation of uncompromising values. Throughout the years, you have served your families with compassion, professionalism and the utmost attention to every detail. Your business is a direct reflection of your personal level of commitment to helping those during the toughest times of their lives. The time for planning your succession has finally arrived. We understand the significance of wealth preservation and share in your commitment to upholding the legacy and reputation you have established within the community.

The advantages of partnering with PLATINUM are numerous. As a privately held organization, we offer our partners:

  • A customized succession plan that is crafted around the uniqueness of each of our partner firms.

  • We are committed to maintaining your operational excellence. Preserving your unique style has made you successful. We intend to build on that success and not “Cookie Cutter.”

  • Financial flexibility in deal structure. Valuations can include or exclude real estate.

  • Our commitment to a personal level of engagement at the local level with an overarching focus on delivering exceptional service.

  • Our intent is to preserve your legacy and continually enhance your hard-earned reputation. As a private company, we are more concerned about the success on Main Street instead of Wall Street.

Request a Call Back

If you are presently a Funeral Home or Cemetery business owner with an interest in discussing the benefits of partnership with PCS, please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a confidential exploratory conversation.

We desire partner firms that are the “staple” of their community and uphold a standard worthy of the “Platinum Standard Networks” compassion and innovative services.